RM Retail Consultancy bought a franchise with a leading fast food chain in 2010. At the time of going into business the recession was just about to reach its peak and hence there was a massive fall in revenue. This trend continued until late August 2011. For the year end of 2011 sales figures were down 20% from the previous year. However during the summer of 2011 we started working with InnoChan Solutions who worked with each individual staff member and compiled an iWAM – management report. (A very helpful tool in understanding the strengths/weaknesses and behavior patterns of each employee).

Apart from that InnoChan Solutions worked with our Managing Director on a one-to-one basis. The NLP/Coaching sessions were designed to get the MD to focus and take the right actions/decisions. The results have been phenomenal. Towards the end of August 2011 we stated to see a small increase in our sales and this trend has continued to date (March 2012). Year to date our sales figures are up 8.5%, and we have managed to achieve this through using the principles and techniques taught by InnoChan Solutions.

We will continue to work with InnoChan Solutions to achieve our sales growth target of 20% this year of 2012.