Fraser, Cork

The course was delivered by the facilitator, Denis Coleman, at a pace and style that accommodated everyone in the class. In Denis’s own words “nobody will be left behind” and that proved to be the case, as the level of encouragement and motivation provided by Denis inspired us all to work hard and fully understand the course content. Denis is a great communicator and, his ability to hold the class’s attention with the use of relevant and interesting real-life examples of topics covered in the core modules helped greatly in both the enjoyment and learning of the topics covered. All the class modules were interspersed with humour which put the class at ease and again made the learning process easier for everyone. Denis, throughout the facilitation of the course, was always open to feedback and at all times welcomed participation from the class. The course content was, at times, intensive and there was a lot to get through in a relatively short period of time but Denis was always available to give support and guidance throughout. Denis provided a great deal of genuine encouragement and inspiration which I appreciated greatly.