Ger D. (Cork)

Back in 2012 I decided to up-skill to improve my job prospects, having been made redundant from my position as salesman which I had held for nearly 30 years. I enrolled in a course on Supply Chain Logistics run by FAS,which I considered to be close to what I had been doing throughout my career. On this course I was lucky enough to have had Denis as both a Lecturer and Mentor.
He not only made learning easy but fun as well for everybody. He also made time to mentor each and every one of us students individually, to get the best results for ourselves for our personal growth. It was his belief in our abilities that inspired some of us to go on to 3rd level education. I myself will be graduating from UCC with a Diploma in Supply Chain Management in October of this year.
Even though I had not seen Denis in nearly two years he still found the time to assist me with my project for that course [this is definitely going the extra mile]. Without him I have no doubt that I would not have done the course in the first place. He really can bring out your own self belief. In class one day he told us a story of how a client described what he does as voodoo, well I am living proof that Denis`s voodoo works !!!

John (IIPMM Student)

“I cannot rate Denis Coleman highly enough and will try and put his support into context. I received pass grades during the first three years of my hons degree programme and actually passed some subjects by the skin of my teeth. However I completed my final year with Denis and there was a very significant change in my final results and also on my outlook on how to learn / retain information. While also gaining knowledge  on how to handle stress and plan for exams. I achieved first class honours  for my final year and this is one of my proudest achievements. I have also passed on the skills that  I learned to my son who completed his junior cert this year and he also had a significant change in his results by following Denis advice.  Simple methods with breath taking results that will be with you for the rest of your life.  Thank you again Denis!”

Steve M, Cork

Just a quick msg to let you know the place I got my placement with made me permanent today. I know you are not a person that takes some credit for what you do but to be honest I do owe you a lot for giving me the believe that I had lost in myself. So thank you sir and keep up the good work because you do change people’s lives.

Suzanne, Laois

I immediately felt comfortable in the company of Denis Coleman, his experience and professionalism put me at ease during our first meeting. He showed a genuine interest in me during the coaching and my career certainly benefited from the all the advice given. I look forward to the opportunity of working with Denis again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending him for his services.

Fraser, Cork

The course was delivered by the facilitator, Denis Coleman, at a pace and style that accommodated everyone in the class. In Denis’s own words “nobody will be left behind” and that proved to be the case, as the level of encouragement and motivation provided by Denis inspired us all to work hard and fully understand the course content. Denis is a great communicator and, his ability to hold the class’s attention with the use of relevant and interesting real-life examples of topics covered in the core modules helped greatly in both the enjoyment and learning of the topics covered. All the class modules were interspersed with humour which put the class at ease and again made the learning process easier for everyone. Denis, throughout the facilitation of the course, was always open to feedback and at all times welcomed participation from the class. The course content was, at times, intensive and there was a lot to get through in a relatively short period of time but Denis was always available to give support and guidance throughout. Denis provided a great deal of genuine encouragement and inspiration which I appreciated greatly.

Stephen, Cork

I just want to say a big thank you for the last 5 months of the course in supply chain logistics. When I started the course I was in a very dark tunnel and could see no light at the end. But after your help and fantastic teaching skills, you have given me the drive and confidence that I really needed to get back out into the world, to bring the skills you have taught me and show any future employer that they cant do with out me, so thank you again Denis you have been a big inspiration.