Ger D. (Cork)

Back in 2012 I decided to up-skill to improve my job prospects, having been made redundant from my position as salesman which I had held for nearly 30 years. I enrolled in a course on Supply Chain Logistics run by FAS,which I considered to be close to what I had been doing throughout my career. On this course I was lucky enough to have had Denis as both a Lecturer and Mentor.
He not only made learning easy but fun as well for everybody. He also made time to mentor each and every one of us students individually, to get the best results for ourselves for our personal growth. It was his belief in our abilities that inspired some of us to go on to 3rd level education. I myself will be graduating from UCC with a Diploma in Supply Chain Management in October of this year.
Even though I had not seen Denis in nearly two years he still found the time to assist me with my project for that course [this is definitely going the extra mile]. Without him I have no doubt that I would not have done the course in the first place. He really can bring out your own self belief. In class one day he told us a story of how a client described what he does as voodoo, well I am living proof that Denis`s voodoo works !!!