Coach Mentoring/Supervision

“Coaching Supervision is a formal process of professional support, which ensures continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of his/her coaching practice through the interactive reflection, interpretative evaluation and the sharing of expertise.”

(Bachkirova, Stevens and Willis, 2005)


Supervision/Mentoring at InnoChan Solutions:

Supervision/Mentoring is an ethical requirement within the Coaching profession. At InnoChan Solutions we believe that the role of a Coach Supervisor/Mentor must:

  • Provide external support and a reference point which clarifies what is going on in the coaching relationship at both the overt and hidden levels
  • Facilitate the development of someone engaged in a learning process and affirms their unique personal style
  • Provide guidance and support for the coach and assumes professional responsibility for the safety and protection of the client
  • Provide an overview of the coach’s professional work, which facilitates or enables personal and professional development
  • Refer to work with clients by offering support while taking into account areas where the coach’s issues might intrude.

Supervision/Mentoring is now becoming a requirement by organisations booking coaches to work with their people and is an essential part of the ICF credentialing process.

InnoChan Solutions identifies three specific areas of the Coaching/Supervision process; the Client, the Coach and, the Business. Supervision/Mentoring sessions provide the time and space for the Coach to explore all of these areas. This will give the Coach the ability to:

  • Develop their coaching skills and their professionalism
  • Identify ‘gaps’ in their abilities
  • Discuss any issues they may have with their clients
  • Discuss their business/practice

InnoChan Solutions is determined to deliver best practice Coaching principles and to help coaches to do the same.


Coach Supervision/Mentoring Process:

Supervision/Mentoring sessions are formally contracted and in general, take between 1.0 and 1.5 hours each. The minimum number of sessions taken is 4 (four) and these are spaced depending on the requirements of the Supervision/Mentoring process.


Additional Services:

InnoChan Solutions is also able to provide additional (optional) services to Coaches that can help improve self-awareness and focus. These include:

Through our Coach Mentoring / Supervision service, we provide the space and expertise to help you develop your skills and discuss the issues you have in your practice.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to arrange a meeting.


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