Staff development is a continuous necessity in business today. New Technologies, processes and methods as well as economic changes continually force organisations to evolve and change. There are many options open to companies which will help them identify and overcome obstacles as well as embrace the changes that they and their staff face. These include:



Executive Coaching is a non-directive and facilitative process that enables executive leaders at all levels of the organisation to make behavioral changes which will positively transform themselves and their teams resulting in improved business results and performance.

Executive Coaching can be undertaken on a one to one basis, on a group or team basis, or a combination of both.

Executive Coaching is used to improve:

Leadership skills,
Team Dynamics and functionality
Staff relations,
Stress and time management,
Meeting control
Sensitive issue handling
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Team Performance

Effective team performance is vital in any organisation. Successful teams will achieve their goals and drive the business forward. Unsuccessful teams will do the opposite.

In order to be successful a team must contain the correct mix of personalities as well as very clearly defined roles, responsibilities, goals and deadlines. InnoChan Solutions will help you from team selection to goal delivery. We will also help you with underperforming teams to ensure goal delivery while developing team performance and motivation.



Personal Coaching is a process that focuses on helping the client to determine and achieve personal goals. It is a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. Because the coach works with the client, the coach/client relationship must be a partnership in order to be successful.

People choose to work with a coach for a number of reasons including:

The client wants to change an element of his/her life
The client wants to map out a career path
The client has identified a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
The client wants to identify his/her core strengths
The client desires his/her work life balance to be simpler and less complicated
There is a lack of clarity and there are choices to be made



Are you working in a role you love? Are you motivated by what you do? Would you like to develop a career path that you love and will motivate you?

Do you want to identify and/or develop a career path for your staff? Do you want to develop a targeted training plan which will develop your staff while helping them to develop their careers?

InnoChan Solutions will work with you to help you identify what really motivates you and to develop a career path that has definite direction and will achieve the outcomes you desire.



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