Mentoring differs from Coaching in that while coaching is a non-directive form of assistance for clients, mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance where a professional coach shares their knowledge, skills and experience to assist a client achieve progress and change in their own lives and careers.

With almost 30 years experience in the corporate world ranging across all functions of the Supply Chain, InnoChan Solutions will motivate and empower you to identify your own issues and goals and help you to find ways of achieving them.

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Business mentoring is different from consulting in that it applies Coaching, Mentoring and advisory techniques to work with you in order to identify and achieve the changes that you want for your usiness.

Business mentoring from InnoChan Solutions focusses on a specific business activity and will use our experience to help you overcome any difficulties that you are experiencing.



Executive mentoring focusses on helping an executive overcome some difficulty in their role. InnoChan Solutions will apply Behavioural Change techniques and extensive commercial experience to help executives in specific tasks.



Do you have a team that is performing below expectations? Team mentoring will focus on improving clarity of the roles of each team member as well as offering practical advice to help each member to improve performance.

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