The iWAM EQ Test – How it can Help YOU!!

The Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM) is a questionnaire used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching and training projects.

The iWAM Management Report identifies a person’s motivational and attitude preferences in the job context and predicts how this person will behave in various job types, such as administrative, customer contact or managerial tasks. The iWAM Attitude Sorter predicts key motivational preferences and development areas.

InnoChan Solutions is delighted to be one of the first to offer this unique test in Ireland and, the ONLY company in Ireland permitted to provide Training and Certification for this test method.

What can iWAM provide for Your Organisation?

Efficiency: Sometimes the moment a candidate walks into the door you get this feeling that the interview might be a waste of time both for you and the candidate. Since iWAM is available on the Internet, it saves you time by testing people even before inviting them for an interview.

Reliability: iWAM has been designed to eliminate test falsification. Furthermore, because the iWAM test is analysed against data on a regional basis, e.g. Ireland/England, USA, Europe, Australia, etc. the results provide a clearer comparison against the Attitudes and Motivators that matter to you and your environment.

Low Cost: iWAM is available at a fraction of the cost of other evaluation models with comparable features. The flexibility of the test provides so much more scope than other tests. As a tool, iWAM reduces recruitment costs because it provides greater insights into the Attitudes of potential recruits. iWAM also provides a great tool to help improve staff performance and motivation while targeting your Coaching and Development strategies towards focussed elements rather than wasting money on more general training.

Speed: The iWAM test takes approximately 25 minutes to complete on-line. The results and analysis of the test can be carried out immediately which will facilitate immediate feedback. InnoChan Solutions can arrange for the entire program to be conducted as a seamless end to end process which will help you to reach speedy conclusions and to put immediate plans in place.

Flexibility: The iWAM management report can also be used as a management and teambuilding tool. The report indicates how a person will react as a manager, in an administrative function or in a customer-oriented function. It even indicates what kind of language will motivate the person.

Models of Excellence: If you regularly recruit people for the same role, e.g. call centre, sales, security monitoring, etc. it is possible to develop a Model of Excellence test which will focus on the key cognitive patterns that you need your candidates to have for each role. This will save you time in recruitment costs, ensure accurate Recruitment adverts that will target specific people and ensure that the people in the job are the right people in the job thus ensuring greater staff motivation and improved staff retention.

Teams: Do you want to set up a team for a specific purpose? The iWAM test will help you to select the correct people based on their attitudes and motivators. This will ensure that the team will work well together, understand each other and achieve their purpose with the minimum of issues.

Do you have one team performing better than another at the same task? With the iWAM test it is possible to compare the individual attitudes and task motivators of the two teams which allows you to identify the specific attitudes in the higher performing team that are likely to be resulting in the higher performance. Using this information it is then possible, through Coaching and Development, to improve the performance of the second team.

Managers: The iWAM test will help managers to understand the individual motivators for each member of their team. This will help them to adapt their management approach so that it enhances the motivation of their team rather than deflate it.

Improved Staff Mobility: Do you have staff members who move to offices and sites in other countries? This can be a major step for your staff member. The regional aspect of the iWAM test means that your candidate for a foreign post can undergo the test against the Attitude and Motivational patterns in the region they intend to go to. The result will show how well the candidate is likely to ‘fit in’ with their new environment.

Do you recruit staff members from overseas? Again, the iWAM test can be used to check just how well the candidate are likely to ‘fit in’ with their new environment. This will ensure that your selection is more likely to last in the role and eliminate the need for you to repeat the recruitment process (possibly at short notice).

What can iWAM do for YOU as an Individual?

Understanding: The iWAM test will give you a deeper understanding of you. It will highlight for you what YOUR key Motivators and Patterns are in the work environment. Once you can understand your cognitive patterns, you will be better equipped to identify and understand the patterns of others. This will have the benefit of improving understanding and interaction with other people both in the work environment and in your private life.

Direction: The iWAM test will help you identify what really motivates you and enable you to develop real plans which will see you in a role that appeals and engages you at every level.

Mobility: Are you considering a move to another country? This can be a major step for you and your family. The regional aspect of the iWAM test means that you can undergo the test against the Attitude and Motivational measures in the region you intend to go to. The result will show how well the you are likely to ‘fit in’ with your new environment.

InnoChan Solutions is ready to help you and your teams to identify and achieve real benefits through the iWAM EQ test. Why not Contact Us to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your needs in greater detail. Remember we can also arrange to train your HR or senior management to administer and assess the test for yourself and your teams.

iWAM is probably one of the most powerful tests of its kind available today. Why not tap into the power of iWAM and help yourself, your team and your business to achieve real and lasting change.

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